Spectral F7 is an efficacy booster agent. Now men and women in treatment for thinning hair can add astressin-B, a complex new peptide, to maximize benefits, because Spectral.F7 is the first solution to incorporate this protein fragment for human use in a topical booster agent. Spectral.F7 augments primary therapies like Spectral.DNC-N, and it can serve as an effective stand-alone treatment in early stages of thinning.

Spectral.F7 Astressin-B Topical Solution is technology that is years ahead of its time. DS Laboratories is the first biotechnology developer to synthesize and commercialize this cutting-edge peptide in a cosmetic product. Spectral.F7 offers a completely new mechanism of action and is therefore an important new tool in a program to maintain healthy hair.

Directions for Use

To enhance a primary therapy like Spectral.DNC-N, apply 10 sprays of Spectral.F7 and massage it into the scalp after your regular morning treatment or before your regular evening treatment. Wait at least 10 minutes between products. To use Spectral.F7 as a stand-alone therapy, usually in the early onset of thinning, apply it both morning and evening. Spectral.F7 is for topical use only.